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“This year, we brought a theme that women identify with very much: we have translated female strength into breathtaking jewelry.
Metamorphosis was inspired by women who carry the female capacity of transformation and the strength present in their daily battles.
PFor this, Rommanel and I created a modern, playful collection, merging fantasy with reality, where warriors and queens live within us. I drew inspiration from elements contained in this fantasy world: warm brown tones, a rustic feel and battle symbols like shields and arrows. Not to mention shimmering stones and bold designs for our real-life warriors.
Empowered women who are full of life, we face our battles with style and beauty, we have created maxi earrings that are both striking and comfortable, maxi rings with bold designs, geometric pieces, and our beloved chokers this time in brown leather and metal to further reinforce our strength and power. To complete this collection, we have designs with stones and crystals inspired by high jewelry; we can, after all, be both strong and delicate.
Let yourself be transported by the Metamorphosis collection and the transformational power it brings us.