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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean 18k gold?

A: It´s 18 carat gold of pureness made especially for jewelry. It ´s composed of 75% pure gold and 25% metal alloy. ROMMANEL applies three layers of gold in its jewelry, two of them 18K gold and the last one, the flash, of 22K gold (composed of 92% pure gold and 8% metal alloy). This gives ROMMANEL jewelry a thicker layer of gold, assuring a fine finishing, similar to the solid gold jewelry.

Q: What Rhodium is?

A: Noble metal from platinum “family” used in jewelry. ROMMANEL rhodium-plated jewelry, before applying rhodium, receive a thick layer of 1000 sterling silver (pure, without alloy) that gives a sophisticated and long lasting finishing.

Q: What Zircon is?

A: Zircon is a synthetic and colorful stone, considered the best diamond look-alike ever developed in laboratory. The zircon applied by ROMMANEL is imported from Austria and has high quality and, due this reason, is used in ROMMANEL jewelry.

Q: What Nickel is?

A: Nickel is a metal highly allergenic in its composition. This kind of metal is commonly used in costume jewelry and in plated-jewelry as well. ROMMANEL doesn´t apply nickel in any of its models and this turns ROMMANEL jewelry hypoallergenic.

Q: Why is Rommanel jewelry hypoallergenic?

A: All ROMMANEL jewelry are hypoallergenic because they didn´t have in any of its models even a trace of nickel. This shows respect for its consumers and gives them enough tranquility in acquiring a genuine ROMMANEL jewelry.

Q: May I engrave in 18k gold-plated or rhodium-plated jewelry?

A: No, you cannot. As plated-jewelry, it means they are chemically coated by a layer of gold or rhodium. If the engraving is done after this process, it will be a rupture of the jewelry plated surface made of noble metal, damaging the piece definitively and losing the factory guarantee.

Q: How taking care of my ROMMANEL jewelry?

A: In order to keep your ROMMANEL jewelry always beautiful and with a look of a new one, just some cares will do: clean them only with current water and neutral soap, avoiding the use of shampoo and regular soaps, because this may turn them opaque mainly if they have stones. Don´t use acetone, tooth paste, or alcohol because besides to damage the piece, it makes stones dirty. To avoid occasional chemical reactions, hand creams, perfumes and deodorants must be applied 10 minutes in advance of wearing jewelry. Take off jewelry always before applying hair tint. Preferably, don´t use jewelry on the beach. If you do, avoid applying sun block cream over jewelry.

Q: May I use the ROMMANEL logo?

A: No. ROMMANEL logotype is company registered mark, being its use protected by law. Improper use of it may bring you to the court of justice.